Where to even start?

Choosing to invest in a Demand Planning Software is a big decision for any company.  When you’re a $1 billion+ Original Equipment Manufacturer, it’s a HUGE decision.  Requiring coordination up and down job levels and across multiple departments, the implementation alone is enough to scare seasoned project managers under their desks.  So what’s the benefit of integrating a new demand planning software? And what are the pitfalls?

Listed below are high-level key benefits as well as advice for avoiding common pitfalls we come across when discussing the best solution for OEM’s in the manufacturing industry.


  • Cost Savings Efficiencies – This is the no brainer, finding opportunities inside of operations and inventory management to automate processes and reduce inventory.
  • Increased Accountability – For both internal employees and outside suppliers, demand planning software can track actions and provide improved documentation.
  • Improved Transparency – Provides visibility into processes and summarizes information for employees at all levels of the organization.
  • Improved Data and Forecasting – Implementation of a new software package forces OEMs to assess current data storage processes and ensure sharing across departments.


Avoiding Pitfalls

  • Get IT Onboard - Legacy tech within the organization can be a serious roadblock to implementing new software. Getting the CIO or other IT representative in the room can help avoid roadblocks down the road.
  • Get Stakeholder Buy-in (all of them!) – New software is only as powerful as the people using it. Effective change management is essential to bringing on new demand planning software.
  • Project Fatigue - Lengthy onboarding and integrating leading to attention loss or loss of internal champion - Enterprise software onboarding can take a long time, breaking it down into manageable project steps will keep key players engaged.


Every OEM is different, but the difficulties of signing off on a new Demand Planning Software apply across the board.  If you'd like to learn more about low-hanging cost savings we've found for OEM's without introducing a new software platform, learn about our Part Attribute Characterization process.  If you're interested in what we can do for you through our platform, download the free white paper from the link below.

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