UK-based Multinational Conglomerate Adopts SDX as its System of Record for Bills-of-Material Utilized by its North American Operations and Multi-tier Supply Chain 


Cincinnati, OH: To address the challenge of coordinating globally distributed manufacturing operations, one of the world’s largest jet engine manufacturing companies has contracted Supply Dynamics to support its North American operations & multi-tier supply chain. 

The SDX multi-enterprise platform will establish end-to-end, supply chain visibility encompassing all factories and n-tier suppliers.  The project’s initial focus: to arm supply chain executives with better visibility into raw material demand - specifically, control over commodities such as fasteners, as well as long lead-time castings & forgings.   

SDX will equip the Fortune 500 manufacturer with a top-to-bottom view of all the engine models, assemblies, parts, and bills-of material that flow into their power systems for aviation, energy, and other industries“SDX will allow our customer to address potential roadblocks before they arise,” says Chuck Eisenhauer, Chief Technical Program Officer at Supply Dynamics.  He emphasizes that, “SDX enables proactive rather than a reactive approach to risks associated with parts, material inputs and suppliers.”

It’s a defining moment for any company, large or small,” underscored Trevor Stansbury, Founder & CEO of Supply Dynamics.  “Forward thinking companies are seeing the criticality of supply chain resilience and investing for the future.  We’re honored to have been selected to enable that.”

About Supply Dynamics: Supply Dynamics provides Fortune 500 manufacturers with real-time visibility and control over the material requirements of their extended supply chain. Our innovative supply chain analytics solutions allow our customers to address the challenges of managing sourcing, procurement,and supply chain complexity in highly distributed manufacturing environments. To learn more, visit

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