Global supplier of energy products and services with operations spanning over 70 countries

Supply Dynamics is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with a world leader in energy products and services. With operations spanning over 70 countries and nearly 75,000 employees, the new customer marks one of the largest for Supply Dynamics and the first in the Oil & Gas Industry. Supply Dynamics will be demonstrating how OASIS, their industry leading suite of online tools for raw material forecasting and fulfillment, can be used to monitor the procurement process, ecompassing OEM sites and hundreds of sub-tier suppliers.

Supply Dynamics’ OASIS is a web-based raw material forecasting and fulfillment solution.  OASIS provides customers with real-time visibility and control over the raw materials that go into their finished parts, irrespective of where those finished parts are manufactured. OASIS will allow decision makers to track and monitor the timely purchase and supply of raw materials, ensuring that raw materials are never the reason why a finished part is late.

Chuck Eisenhauer, Supply Dynamics’ Technical Program Manager says, “The addition of our newest customer from the Oil & Gas industry shows the applicability of OASIS to any industry, whether it is Oil & Gas, Aerospace, or Heavy Equipment. An OEM needs visibility into the raw material used in its products to effectively make decisions.  Supply Dynamics’ goal is to provide our customers with that visibility into the supply of raw material all the way from the mill to the OEM’s door.”

About Supply Dynamics:  Supply Dynamics is the leading provider of material consolidation solutions known as “Material Demand Aggregation.” Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, Supply Dynamics utilizes proprietary processes and IT solutions to provide OEM customers with real-time visibility and control over the materials that go into their finished parts – especially the materials that go into the parts made by their Tier 1 and Tier 2 outside part suppliers. Provided in a hosted “software as a service” model, the Supply Dynamics multi-enterprise platform exchanges critical-to-quality data with virtually any number of legacy MRP/ERP systems, providing customers with a single, unified view of how finished part materials are impacting their business.

Supply Dynamics’ suite of web-based tools and reports allow customers to instantly forecast and negotiate common materials and monitor the timely order and supply of materials across their extended supply chain. This enables an OEM and its supply partners to know that materials being produced, ordered and delivered are synchronized with actual finished part demand. It also allows the OEM to measure on-time delivery of raw materials to production sites and outside part manufacturers, to standardize materials and to identify users for surplus, excess and obsolete materials. Material Demand Aggregation is applicable to numerous industries providing a means for OEMs to coordinate the actions of each link in the supply chain to dramatically improve efficiency and predictability of supply.

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