CINCINNATI, OH, U.S.A. (January 15, 2014) – Today, Supply Dynamics ( announces the release of SD SupplyMap—the next generation of supply chain mapping technology.  With this technology, dozens of global manufacturing companies including General Electric, Cessna Aircraft Company and United Technologies will have access to a suite of web-based tools that allows them to visually monitor complex interactions in their extended supply chain operations that have been all but invisible to most Original Equipment Manufacturers.

“We are already seeing this tool make a difference for our customers” says Gage Whitehead, Sales and Market Development Analyst with Supply Dynamics, “it will revolutionize the way large companies purchase and monitor the performance of outside contractors with far flung, global operations!”   For decades, discrete manufacturers and product companies have grappled with the increasing risk and complexity of operating across multiple enterprises, geographies, and through multiple tiers of external suppliers.  This is especially true for Original Equipment Manufacturers that after years of outsourcing, have gone from vertically integrated to virtually integrated.

SD Supply Map: Visualization with Context


Supply Dynamics 8.0 (SDX 8.0) delivers a powerful new capability, SD SupplyMap, an intelligent data visualization tool that allows OEMs to view and monitor their entire extended value chain including the n-tier relationships and dependencies required to design, resource, and deliver a finished part.  SD SupplyMap leverages SDX 8.0’s robust multi-enterprise reporting and analytic capabilities to provide real-time views of suppliers, parts, components, assemblies, processes, capacities, and raw materials that impact an OEM's finished goods.

“Imagine for a moment that your company is a global manufacturer, with 100, 500, or even 1,500 sub-tier suppliers,” says Trevor Stansbury, President of Supply Dynamics, “within 5 minutes of a supply chain disruption, whether it’s an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, bankruptcy filing or strike, you can tell which products and suppliers are at risk, which detail parts and assemblies are impacted, and who the alternative sources of supply are.”

SDX SupplyMap Strategic and Operational Benefits:

  • Visibility: Monitor supply chain events and patterns as they happen, proactively and even preemptively, to address problems.
  • Flexibility:  Proactively implement contingency plans without significantly increasing operational costs while limiting the impact of disruptions.
  • Supplier Intelligence:  Drill down on individual Supplier icons to view their role in the Supply Network, portfolio of parts, raw material requirements and dependencies.
  • Supply Base Demographics: Filter by part attribute to understand part description, special process and raw materials consumed.
  • Analyze N-Tier Relationships: Identify dependencies, make/buy relationships and chains of custody.
  • Monitor Sourcing Policies: Ensure program compliance and optimize pricing for directed purchasing programs.
  • Verification:  Audit and verify the origin of parts and raw materials from approved sources of supply, including compliance with new SEC Conflict Minerals Regulations.
  • Collaboration:  Cooperate with sub-tier suppliers on the purchasing of common raw materials or component
  • Optimize: Identify and correct inefficient flows of material and component parts from one sub-tier supplier to another.


About Supply Dynamics: Supply Dynamics provides best-in-class technology solutions designed to address the challenges of managing sourcing, procurement and supply chain complexity in highly distributed manufacturing environments. SDX, by Supply Dynamics, is a cloud-based, multi-enterprise supply chain analytics suite. Coupled with a proprietary (blueprint to bill-of-material) data conversion process called Part Attribute Characterization, Supply Dynamics offers manufacturing companies unmatched visibility into material and process demand through all tiers of the extended supply chain.

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