Supply Dynamics and Four Niche Technology Partners Awarded SBIR Contract to Support the United States Military with Multi-Tier Supply Chain Risk Monitoring of Medical Equipment and Supplies   


Cincinnati, OH: In July 2020, The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) awarded Phase 1 contract to Supply Dynamics through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program.  The highly competitive SBIR  program invests Federal research funds to stimulate R&D and innovation within the private sector, encouraging domestic firms to innovate in support of critical national priorities involving science and technology.   

Deep challenges persist within US and North American supply chains for assessing critical care requirements and ascertaining credentialed sources of medical equipment and supplies not only required for civilians—  but notably deployed military forces. 

The initial prototype developed by Supply Dynamics and its partners will trace provenance of personal protective equipment (PPE) for items such as an N-95 mask, ventilatorsand even commonly, prescribed drug.  In future phases it will enable the rapid synthesis of diagnosed medical conditions and  matching of medical equipment and supplies needed to treat those conditions.

Supply Dynamics’ SDX™ platform will serve as the underlying  platform  technology for the project.  Today, this end-to-end supply chain visibility solution documents detailed bill of material requirements, drives raw material and component part demand forecasting for large original equipment manufacturers and their suppliers, and tracks critical interactions between  supply chain stakeholders not captured by traditional advanced planning or ERP systems.  The cloud-based SaaS application, SDX™, fosters multi-enterprise collaboration through the connection of multiple independent, economic actors in an extended supply network.  This level of coordination and control will provide the Department of Defense with better reporting and information to make informed, enterprise-wide decisions.   

To deliver the advanced functionality, Supply Dynamics has partnered with best of breed firms including one of the nation's largest Healthcare providersThe solution will weave together synergistic technologies, databases, and workflows to enhance supplier performance management, risk assurance, AI-enabled continuous risk monitoringdisaster prediction, and even advanced simulation.    

This project reflects the reality that there isn’t a holistic solution to the problem yet and that the best way to protect our troops lies in knitting together complementary technologies to solve a very complex logistics problem,” added Jared DalyProgram Manager at Supply Dynamics.  I’m excited to have the opportunity to work with some of the most forward-thinking minds in supply chain, risk monitoring, and patient care.    

Supply Dynamics’ Director of Operations, Kaitlyn Maybee, emphasized: The DoD has enlisted industry to do something to address the fact that our country relies almost exclusively on foreign suppliers for critical medical equipment and supplies.  We are honored to be a company that The Military turned to when it comes to addressing such an enormous national security vulnerability.   

Initially the integrated solution will be deployed for U.S. Government use, but no restrictions have been placed on commercial applications


About Supply Dynamics: Supply Dynamics provides Fortune 500 manufacturers with real-time visibility and control over the material requirements of their extended supply chain. Our innovative supply chain analytics solutions allow our customers to address the challenges of managing sourcing, procurement,and supply chain complexity in highly distributed manufacturing environments. To learn more, visit

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