Supply Dynamics Receives Contract to Address Critical Supply Chain Vulnerabilities for Pharmaceuticals

Cincinnati, OH: Following the successful demonstration of n-tier supply chain illumination capability at the “item” or ingredient level, Supply Dynamics received a second research & development contract from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to mature, scale and operationalize their Pharmaceutical Provenance Solution (PPS) software and map the entire FDA Essentials Medicines list.

The project leverages funding provided by the Small Business Innovative Research Program (SBIR) and will address glaring vulnerabilities in the US drug supply by mapping n-tier suppliers, their ingredients, countries of origin and even chemical precursors. Cutting-edge technology including an innovative and automated “RX Mapper” capability, will document the provenance of a drug, its active and inactive ingredients, countries of origin and any stakeholders involved in production or distribution. It will then integrate dynamically updated information about man-made, natural disaster and geopolitical risks. This will enable the DOD and future commercial users to rapidly identify, assess and mitigate supply chain risk at the speed of relevancy to bolster pharmaceutical supply chain resiliency.

The PPS is built on Supply Dynamics’ proven SDX™ visibility and analytics solution which is used commercially by many Fortune 100 companies to track and trace parts and materials manufactured or distributed by thousands of n-tier suppliers for products and equipment that contains metals, electronics, plastics, chemicals, and now, pharmaceutical ingredients. The enhanced solution will enable reporting for policy and decision makers about the sources of supply for every node of a finished drug’s supply chain -- from the site of final formulation down to the companies and locations where fillers, active ingredients, chemical precursors originate.

“Many ‘supply chain mapping solutions’ skim the surface and are limited to the first tier of supply – this is different. SDX addresses some truly wicked challenges when it comes to multi-tier supply chain mapping at scale and at the item level and will be transformational when it comes to situational awareness, risk detection and prevention. It will ensure that customers can source high quality drugs that contain ingredients from reputable sources in countries that are secure, reliable, friendly and competitive.”, stated Trevor Stansbury, CEO of Supply Dynamics.

Prior to the COVID Pandemic, Supply Dynamics was named the National ‘Supply Chain Provenance Champion’ at a competition sponsored by the US Airforce, Cisco, and NVIDIA where it outperformed 75 competitors. It views its support of the DLA and US Department of Defense as a natural extension of its deep domain expertise in supply chain risk management, analytics, item level mapping, data capture and harmonization, and machine learning, which spans over 20 years. With the Biden Administration’s publication of an Executive Order on America’s Supply Chains requiring better analysis and oversight of critical supply chains and third-party risk, this effort should boost supply chain resilience across both the commercial and federal government marketplace. A commercial version of the PPS will be made available to drug manufacturers, distributors, hospital networks, and group purchasing organizations (GPO’s).

Supply Dynamics specializes in n-tier supply chain illumination at the item level, and the generation of real-time prescriptive analytics that mitigate the complexity and challenges associated with procurement and supply chain management. Learn more at

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