Supply Dynamics' Extended Supply Chain Solution Profiled by Rev1 Ventures

rev1ventures.jpgParker MacDonell, Managing Director of the Ohio TechAngel Funds with Rev1 Ventures, discusses Supply Dynamics after a recent chat with our founder and president Trevor Stansbury in the article "Supply Dynamics Helps Large Manufacturers Connect the Dots." 

MacDonell says, "Imagine the impact of a solution that tells a Fortune 500 manufacturer with multiple business units and hundreds of contract manufacturers which materials being purchased are common, who is purchasing those materials, when materials will be purchased and at what price."

“We typically drive a 7 to 25 percent reduction in the cost of goods sold,” Stansbury said. “One customer who worked with us last year is forecasting a $45 million reduction in raw material costs over four years and saved $1.7 million in 2017."

Ohio Tech Angels, a Supply Dynamics co-investor, has a long history of propelling innovation for Ohio-based companies with high potential technologies.

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