Supply Dynamics Invited to Present at IPC Standards Development Committee Meetings

A Potent Potential Combination: SDX & SCRAM—Tools to Enhance Risk Detection & Management in the PrCB Supply Chain

Loveland,Ohio: In mid-June, Supply Dynamics was invited to present at IPC’s annual prime event—the IPC Standards Development Committee Meetings in Raleigh, NC. Along with esteemed colleagues from The Executive Agent for Printed Circuit Boards and Interconnect Technology (PrCB EA), Gnarly Tree Sustainability Institute (GTSI), and CMA Technologies, Supply Dynamics presented on a panel entitled “Supply Chain Risk Management Within the U.S. Department of Defense Printed Circuit Board Supply Chain.” The panel featured discussion about Supply Dynamics’ on-going government-funded efforts to explore the possibility of combining SDX, Supply Dynamics’ cutting-edge, multi-enterprise platform, with CMA’s Supply Chain Risk Analysis Model (SCRAM) prototype.  SCRAM uses dynamic fault tree analysis of a Bill of Materials (BOM) to increase risk detection and enhance risk management within the PrCB supply chain. Under contract to EA, Gnarly Tree Sustainability Institute identified SDX as a technology that could potentially enhance the DoD’s ability to manage risks because of its advanced bill-of-material management, forecasting, analytics, and end-to-end supply chain visualization capabilities.

Supply Dynamics' Senior Enterprise Architect Alan Bowsher says the project, “demonstrates the ability of SDX to integrate with, augment, and extend another system’s measured capabilities while adhering to high levels of cyber security, export control, and compliance standards." Preliminary feedback from DoD stakeholders and various NGOs has also been encouraging. Of the presentation and partnership, Jessica Fall, Supply Dynamics Customer Success Manager, says: "After the IPC event, we are confident that SCRAM and SDX’s risk management tools are not only complementary but can provide the DoD and their Prime Contractors with unprecedented capabilities that are crucial to managing the inherent risks and unpredictability of today’s microelectronics supply chain.”

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About Supply Dynamics: Supply Dynamics provides leading Fortune 500 manufacturers with real-time visibility and control over the “material-input” requirements (metals, plastics, electronics, etc.) of their extended supply chain. Our innovative supply chain analytics solutions allow our customers to reduce the cost of raw materials and component parts that go into their products, enhance collaboration with supply chain stakeholders, and ensure that the timely purchase and supply of material-inputs is never the reason a part is late. To learn more, visit


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