Press Release: Opportunity Assessment Identifies Multi-Million in Targeted Savings for Tactical Vehicle Manufacturer

1-Day Opportunity Assessment reveals transformative capabilities of SDX 

Loveland, OH: In late November, Supply Dynamics was hired by one of the world’s leading Tactical Vehicle Manufacturers to lead an on-site Opportunity Assessment. The assessment assisted the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in understanding and prioritizing raw material sourcing activities as they relate to an existing directed-buy program for plate, sheet, bar stock, structural steel components, and extrusions. As part of the process, Supply Dynamics evaluated existing systems and processes, interviewed key stakeholders and gathered relevant operational data. This information was then compiled into a comprehensive study that included a Failure Modes Effects Analysis (FMEA), return on investment projections, implementation timelines and detailed recommendations on how to use a cloud-based multi-enterprise platform to drive cost savings and service level improvements.

Based on the assessment, the customer is now planning enhancements and an expansion of its existing directed-buy program. A directed-buy program (sometimes called a “directed-supply arrangement”) is one in which the customer requires immediate suppliers (Tier 1 suppliers) to purchase raw materials or sub-components from a specific sub-tier supplier (Tier 2 suppliers). These are then transformed or integrated into the finished product sold to the Customer/OEM by the Tier 1 suppliers.

Part Attribute Characterization (PAC) and the SDX multi-enterprise platform by Supply Dynamics will be used to transform engineering drawings for parts and production schedules from a multitude of legacy ERP systems into one centralized “system of truth” for orchestrating the timely purchase and supply of raw material. This will alleviate the need for “management through spreadsheets” and keep bills of materials (BOMs) up-to-date and accurate over time.

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About Supply Dynamics:

Supply Dynamics provides dozens of Fortune 500 manufacturers with real-time visibility and control over the material requirements of their extended supply chain. Our innovative supply chain analytics solutions allow our customers to improve efficiency and predictability and to reduce the cost of raw materials and component parts that go into their products. To learn more, visit

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