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  • U.S. Economy: President Trump declares that the economy is doing “unbelievably well” after employers add 224,000 jobs in June, a larger figure than expected. 
  • Key Economic Indicators: At 50,458,000 net tons, and a capability utilization rate of 81.2%, adjusted year-to-date production through July 6 for domestic raw steel was up 5.3% from the 47,918,000 net tons during the same period last year when the capability utilization rate was 76.7%. 
  • Industry News: Fastmarkets AMM reporters summarize five key takeaways, including why the steel industry should be optimistic about 2019 steel production and sales, the EU's stance on open markets and protectionist measures, and more, from the 34th annual Steel Success Strategies conference in New York.
  • Trade News and Updates: Though Trump insists that his multi-front trade wars are working, the U.S. trade deficit rose to a five-month high in May. The Commerce Department announced on July 1 that the gap between the goods and services the U.S. sells and what it buys from foreign countries rose 8.4% to $55.5 billion in May, the highest since December. 
  • Additional Insights for July 8-12 (from LONGBOW Research): The LBR Titanium Price Index improved once again for the month of July. With a current reading of 109, marking another new high, we have now highlighted six consecutive months of sequential strength. Access Longbow’s Key Takeaways here.

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