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  1. Industry News: Manufacturing Grows in January
  2. Trade War: Trump Administration Denies More Tariff-Exemption Requests
  3. Metal Trends & Market Analysis: Copper Prices Slump 10%

Industry News

  • Manufacturing Grows in January: In December, the IHS Markit and ISM manufacturing indexes diverged sharply, with the Institute for Supply Management's (ISM) gauge showing the worst manufacturing report in a decade and Markit's showing a solid reading well above 50. Now, in the first month of 2020, the ISM has reported growth in the manufacturing sector, with the January PMI increasing to 50.9%, up from its dismal adjusted December reading of 47.8%.   (Industry Week)

  • The Coronavirus Could Cost China's Economy $60 Billion This Quarter: Though the economic impact of the coronavirus is still impossible to determine, some economists have said that China's growth rate could drop 2% this quarter, a decline which could mean $62 billion in lost growth. (CNN) 

Trade War & Global Relations 

  • Trump Administration Denies More Tariff-Exemption Requests: Trump administration officials are granting fewer exemptions to tariffs on Chinese imports, with the approval rate recently plunging to 3% in the third round of levies, down from 35% in the first two rounds. (WSJ

  • U.K. Hopes for Trade Dimmed by Coronavirus: Some analysts say that the slump in Chinese markets and nearly every financial instrument and commodity-related to the Chinese economy is a bad omen for the U.K.’s newfound trade campaign. (Bloomberg) 

Metal Trends & Market Analysis

  • Copper Prices Slump in January:  Copper prices slumped by 10% in January, marking the heaviest monthly fall since 2015, and warning that China’s battle with the coronavirus could be bad news for metals demand. (Reuters)

  • High Turnover Sees LME Aluminium Price Hit Three-Year Low: The three-month aluminium price on the London Metal Exchange (LME) settled at a three-year low at the close of trading on Monday (2/3), below the $1,700 per tonne support level against a 16-month high in turnover.  (Metal Bulletin

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