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  1. Industry News: The Quantum Revolution is Coming, and China is at the Forefront
  2. Trade War & Global Relations: Europe Just Reminded Trump Why He’s Mad at Them
  3. Metal Trends & Market Analysis: Copper Prices Firm Ahead of Fed Minutes

Industry News

  • The Quantum Revolution is Coming, and Chinese Scientists Are at The Forefront: To the dismay of some scientists and officials in the U.S., China’s formidable investment in quantum technology—an emerging field that could transform information processing and confer big economic and national-security advantages to countries that dominate it—is catching up with Western research in the field and, in a few areas, pulling ahead. (Washington Post
  • Is US Manufacturing Losing Its Toolbox?: A projection from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ shows that the U.S. manufacturing sector may lose 736,000 jobs by 2026. Industry Week takes a further look at this prediction to see what critical industries are in decline. (Industry Week)

Trade War & Global Relations 

  • Europe Just Reminded Trump Why He’s Mad at Them: Figures published on Friday (8/16) show that the EU’s trade surplus with the U.S. stood at almost 75 billion euros ($83 billion) in the first half of 2019, up more than 11% from a year earlier, fueling the ire of a leader who sees trade deficits as a sign of weakness. (Bloomberg)
  • U.S.-China Economic and Security Commission to Hold Hearing on Sept. 4: This is the eighth public hearing the Commission will hold during its 2019 report cycle to review key developments in the U.S.-China relationship. (Federal Register)
  • Trade War Dragging on U.S. Economy as Deficit Soars: According to a new Congressional Budget Office forecast that highlights key challenges ahead of the 2020 elections, The U.S. budget deficit is growing faster than expected, and President Trump’s trade war is weighing on the economy. (Bloomberg

Metal Trends & Market Analysis

  • Copper Prices Firm Ahead of Fed Minutes: Copper prices edged higher on Wednesday (8/21) ahead of U.S. Federal Reserve meeting minutes expected to shed light on actions to counter slow growth even as the U.S.-China trade war continues to pose a threat to metals demand. (Reuters) 

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