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  • The U.S. job market is in full swing in early 2019. Despite the 35-day government shutdown, employers added 304,000 jobs in January, marking the 100th straight month of employment gains.
  • The Metals Service Center Institute announced that steel and aluminum shipments declined for both the U.S. and Canada from last year’s numbers. In the U.S., shipments declined 0.2% for aluminum and 0.8% for steel. Shipments in Canada fell by 12.5% and 6.1% respectively.
  • The Trump administration placed sanctions on Venezuela’s state-owned oil company on January 28. This sanction will bar most U.S. companies from importing Venezuelan oil, and, in turn, may increase gas prices for Americans.
  • Dates are set for Canada to make final rulings on new duties for steel products. All proposed margins will not go into effect until after February 21, when the Canadian International Trade Tribunal determines if steel imports injured Canada’s domestic mills.
  • Trump claims there is a “Good Chance” the U.S. and China could reach a trade deal. But first, before full fruition, Trump says China must not only start buying more American products but also open its markets to American businesses. 
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