In December 2020, a leading automotive manufacturer engaged Supply Dynamics to optimize sourcing and management of raw materials across their global supply chain.

Prior to COVID-19, the OEM struggled to manage their data when analyzing and sharing information among supply chain stakeholders across the globe. Inconsistent processes and systems made global reporting difficult – particularly relating to material index fluctuations, tariffs and trade regulations.

To meet these challenges, the client will leverage our flagship supply chain technology, SDX. SDX is a supply chain visibility and analytics platform that will enable the streamlining of the client’s purchasing and planning activities for their Raw Material Purchasing Group and their Financial Planning and Analysis teams. SDX makes possible the complete traceability of raw materials, enhancing the ability to forecast and foster new levels of multi-enterprise collaboration. Other deliverables include: normalizing data across all sub-tier suppliers and automating critical reports to streamline communications across all tiers of supply.

All of their North American operations will be included in these efforts.

When SDX is fully implemented, in the Fall of 2021, the OEM’s North American operations will optimize purchasing through their buy-resale sourcing program. SDX will allow the client to interface with its supply network of machine shops, stampers, fabricators, service centers, mills, and other supply chain partners across the globe. The SDX multi-enterprise platform will synchronize OEM demand and supply signals, creating one system of record for raw material forecasting, pricing, reporting, and analytics.

Supply Dynamics' best-in-class technology and subject matter expertise will empower the OEM with smarter sourcing practices. SDX minimizes manual processes in favor of automated price adjustments and streamlined material usage, reporting and analytics. SDX will also enable the OEM to manage part hierarchies and trace relationships and raw materials. From the top-level assemblies purchased for a vehicle model to the individual stamped parts and other raw materials, all will be managed in a single SaaS application.

About Supply Dynamics: Supply Dynamics provides Fortune 500 manufacturers with real-time visibility and control over the material requirements of their extended supply chain. Our flagship, SDX, a visibility and analytics platform for the multi-tier supply chain, allows our customers to address the challenges of managing sourcing, procurement, and supply chain complexity in highly distributed manufacturing environments.

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