Press Release: Supply Dynamics Awarded Another DOD-Backed Contract in 2019

Supply Dynamics awarded contract with U.S. Air Force to develop a cutting-edge approach for determining supply chain provenance of microelectronics and COTS solutions



Loveland, Ohio: In late June, Supply Dynamics was awarded a contract with the U.S. Air Force (USAF) to develop a cost-effective, non-destructive method for proving the provenance and suitability for use by the USAF of microelectronics and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions. This contract marks yet another milestone for Supply Dynamics and its government-backed work to apply supply chain risk management (SCRM) tools to the challenges associated with the microelectronics supply chain. Supply Dynamics was selected alongside project partner, Brunel University London, at the Microelectronics Supply Chain Provenance Challenge—an initiative of the Air Force Research Labs (AFRL) and AFWERX. As challenge finalists, Supply Dynamics and Brunel University will work to combine their leading-edge approaches—SDX (Supply Dynamics’ multi-enterprise platform) and HISTEED (High-Speed Scanning for detecting Tampered Electrical Electronic Devices)—to solve the USAF’s problem of ascertaining supply chain provenance. The goal is to create an optimized solution that leverages Brunel’s scanning capabilities with SDX's innovative ability to track, trace, and validate a part’s sources of supply within a distributed supply network. The prototyping phase for this project will run from June to October 2019 and culminate with a live demonstration of the prototype solution at the International Test Conference on November 12-14 (2019).  

Supply Dynamics’ Senior Enterprise Architect Alan Bowsher says, “It’s exciting to work with such a dynamic team at Brunel to create this powerful new prototype. By leveraging the strengths of both systems, we can offer tremendous insight to the USAF about the security profile of these devices as they enter their facilities. Utilizing its native dashboard, SDX will drive the entire verification process while applying its built-in validation tools to identify a part’s definitive suppliers and any associated risks with component parts.” 

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About Supply Dynamics: Supply Dynamics provides leading Fortune 500 manufacturers with real-time visibility and control over the “material-input” requirements (metals, plastics, electronics, etc.) of their extended supply chain. Our innovative solutions allow our customers to reduce the cost of raw materials and component parts that go into their products, enhance collaboration with supply chain stakeholders, and ensure that the timely purchase and supply of material-inputs is never the reason a part is late. To learn more, visit



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