Press Release: $36 B Diversified Multinational Conglomerate Signs Multi-Year License with Supply Dynamics  


Loveland, OH: Capping a year of greater than 50% YOY revenue growth, Supply Dynamics was retained in December 2019 by a Fortune 100 manufacturer of aerospace systems, industrial products, and engineering services to help them establish end-to-end, multi-tier supply chain visibility encompassing all assemblies, parts, and raw material suppliers. Understanding and proactively mitigating supply chain risks and improving productivity are the stated objectives of their emerging directed buy program. The project will progress through 3 phases: (1) enrich existing bill of materials (BOMs); (2) utilize Part Attribute Characterization (PAC) to transform engineering drawings for parts and assemblies into structured BOMs where those BOMs do not currently exist, and; (3) licensing the SDX multi-enterprise platform to provide end-to-end raw material supply chain visibility and to facilitate the process of contracting for common materials will mills and distributors. For this customer, SDX combines multiple ERP production schedules from a variety of legacy IT systems into one centralized “system of truth” for orchestrating the timely purchase and supply of raw material. This will alleviate the need for “management through spreadsheets” and will keep BOMs up-to-date and accurate over time. The project also includes a systematic process for maintaining BOM accuracy even in an environment of frequent supplier changes, new part introductions, and design changes to existing parts.

Commenting on the new business, CEO Trevor Stansbury says, “a multi-enterprise platform like SDX can make a huge difference for individual companies – both operationally and financially – but that impact is compounded when it is used to drive better visibility and collaboration across a manufacturer’s entire ecosystem of suppliers. We are honored that Supply Dynamics has been selected by so many of the world’s most successful companies to assist them on that journey.”

About Supply Dynamics: Supply Dynamics provides dozens of Fortune 500 manufacturers with real-time visibility and control over the material requirements of their extended supply chain. Our innovative supply chain analytics solutions allow our customers to improve efficiency and predictability and to reduce the cost of raw materials and component parts that go into their products. To learn more, visit

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