Steel Tariffs and Exemptions Create Uncertainty: Here's What We Know

    On March 8, the White House announced it will apply a 25% tariff on steel imports and a 10% tariff on aluminum imports. The rationale? To level the playing field for distressed aluminum and steel companies and their workers. Perhaps it's the way I was . . .


    The Case for a SMART Supply Chain & Structured Data

    What is the difference between a supply chain and a “SMART” supply chain? Consider the process of buying a car prior to the internet. You trekked to a dealership, discussed the ins and outs of different models with a sales person, and haggled the ultimate . . .


    Trump Tariff and Your Raw Material Supply Chain

    Imagine the questions CEOs of major manufacturers are posing to their CPOs and VPs of Supply Chain at major manufacturing companies about the impact of the Trump Administration’s tariffs on their business (ref: Executive Order in response to Section 232 . . .


    The Cloud Based Supply Chain

    Cloud-based collaboration platforms have become standard practice for many business applications – (CRM disruptor) comes to mind as a familiar illustration of this technology. However, the development of these cloud-based business . . .


    Blockchain in the Manufacturing Supply Chain

    Can blockchain be adopted for tangible goods rather than simply digital transactions? The jury is still out, yet it's critical for supply chain leaders to begin thinking about the potential upsides for utilizing blockchain to tackle the complex web of their . . .


    Rev1 Ventures Profiles Supply Dynamics

    Supply Dynamics' Extended Supply Chain Solution Profiled by Rev1 Ventures Parker MacDonell, Managing Director of the Ohio TechAngel Funds with Rev1 Ventures, discusses Supply Dynamics after a recent chat with our founder and president Trevor Stansbury in . . .


    2018 Metals Outlook Report

    Validate your metals purchasing strategy and find out what's in store for 2018 with the MetalMiner 2018 Annual Metals Outlook sponsored by Supply Dynamics.  Forecasting metals prices has been called a fools game. Here is why: . . .


    How OEMs Should Manage Metals Price Uncertainty

    Industrial Metal Prices Surge: Q&A with Supply Dynamics’ Trevor Stansbury . . .


    5 Best Practices for Raw Material Procurement

    It takes tons - both literally and figuratively - of raw material to manufacture an aircraft. From fasteners to injected molded plastics and countless variations of metals, electronic components, and resins are needed to produce the millions of individual . . .


    Weighing Up Demand Planning Software

    Where to even start? . . .

    • “The most important information is not what goes on inside the organization but what goes on outside, and that information is not available and in most cases doesn't exist.”

      Peter Drucker
    • "Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”

      Albert Einstein
      Albert Einstein
    • "The more distributed and complex your Supply Network becomes, the stronger its management needs to be"

      A Supply Dynamics Perspective